A short bio...

My name is Carole Sophie WALSSER.
I was born on 17 November 1981, in Strasbourg, where I spent my first years with my parents. Then after my brother’s birth we moved to the countryside, at the foot of the wonderful Odile  

mountain where I had the chance to grow up surrounded by hills, and orchards. 

Very early in my childhood, my father passed his love  for music to me and then at the age of 11 I started classes in modern'jazz dance,  

a discipline that brought me a lot of joy, anchorage and rigor, and which I continued with the same  teacher until he age of 21.
Also I had the opportunity to take theater classes during my 3 years in high school, which brought me more confidence to speak in public.
It was during the summer of 1997, at the age of 16, that I went for the first time to the Basque Country, and I immediately fell in love with this region. I, who already loved being in the water, was deeply impressed by the beauty, magnificence and power of the ocean

In 2002, after having passed my high school degree and studied English in college, I went to live in Ireland for several months where I worked as a waitress.
In 2003 I went to live for a year in Paris where I followed a training to become an executive assistant.
Then I went to work as a medical secretary in Angers for a few years.
In 2005 I moved to Grenoble where I stayed for almost 6 years. I worked either in law firms as a legal assistant or in organic stores as a saleswoman and consultant. In parallel with my working life, I was very interested in different forms of Yoga and alternative medicine practices.
In 2007 I started practicing sophrology exercises regularly with the help of a therapist. This method allowed me to regain contact with my breath and quit smocking.
In 2008 I went on a first trip of several months in India (Andra Pradesh) where I lived in a community. Then when I returned to France I started a great shift in my lifestyle by choosing to eat exclusively fruits and vegetables and by completely removing animal products from my diet. I also got interested in raw vegan food.
In 2010, I started integrating more yoga into my life by starting a yoga training with Yogi Babacar Khane. At that time, I lived in the city of Grenoble and I also regularly attended classes of African dance and Bharata Natyam.
In 2012, I went to spend several months as a woofer in a community in Greece, then I returned several months in India (Kerala) where I followed a Raw Food Chef training with Kate Magic.
From 2013 onwards I started to root deeply in the practice of meditation, especially meditation focused on the expansion and radiation of our inner sun, the solar center or solar heart located in the middle of the chest.
In 2016 I started a training in aromatherapy, essential oils and herbal medicine at the school Plantasanté located in Alsace.
In 2017 I created a handicraft business called Lucigah dedicated to my practice of the raw vegan food diet. I facilitated raw vegan food workshops and I made various dehydrated dishes(fruit leathers, crackers, kale chips, etc.) You can find here some of my recipes !
I had chosen the name  Lucigaïah Lucie symbolizing light and lucidity ; and Gaïa the goddess Mother or the goddess of Earth. The H at the end is a nod to the Archangels and more precisely to the angel Asaliah.
In 2020 I enrolled at theFree University of Samadeva to start a first course of Yoga of Samara and then of Lou Yong Tao Tö Qi which was successfully completed during the summer of 2021.
In parallel in October 2020 I submitted my resignation to the law firm for which I was working in Strasbourg and I made the decision to move to Biarritz.

To be continued...