During these one on one sessions, with my natural empath sensitivity, through my psychic intuitive guidance and with some casual conversation between you and me,  I will make sense of all that is hidden within your soul. Indeed I will help you align with your inner intuitions so you can start creating a healthier life for you

  • I will use my Clairaudience and Clairvoyance so that together we will come up with goals, exercises, and affirmations that will help you ascend to a higher level of consciousness and state of being. 
  • I will also decode your birth date with Numerology and check all the potentials hidden inside of you. This work will help you identify and overcome any limiting beliefs you might have around love, money, freedom... and it will allow you to realign with your truth and to start walking in your purpose.
  • I will also be able to get you to connect with your inner child so you can clear negative energy, past trauma, and outdated pain templates. We will dive into your inner child wounds and shadow aspects that have held you back from your truth and the magic and power of your heart. If you recognized yourself as an Indigo Child or Starseed Being, this part of the process will be very much helpful and important on your awakening journey..
  • I will give you some Aromatherapy & Phytotherapy tools for your health  like essential oils or medicine herbs that you can take to improve your physical health and general well being and if you're willing to I will also give you advices regarding your diet.
  • I will also guide you into balancing your Masculine and Feminine energies. You can see it as the intricate balance between the heart and head, soul and ego, spiritual and physical, or right and left hemispheres of the brain. When these energies are in conflict with each others and within ourselves, this will also show up in our external reality. I will help you gain clarity on what you need to work on to bring healing, awareness, and balance. The key is to come into an inner union (the alchemical marriage) with self so that you can release co-dependency and step fully into your authenticity, sovereignty, and purpose. If you think you are a TwinFlame, I will be able to help you go through all the pain and drama of this particular journey.
  • I will eventually be able to help clear any demons and negative entities that may be attached to you as I have been myself attacked and played fool by gurus and so called spiritual masters in my past... These experiences and my natural exorcist gift will allow me to neutralize any vampires and black magic you may suffer from. 

All in all, I will be here to assist you in the process of strengthening your own intuitive abilities in order to unlock your potentials and to act as the creator of your life. 

These sessions will offer you the opportunity to connect with your higher self, and to bypass the chatter and repeating patterns of your lower ego. My services focus indeed on using your reflections on life experiences and relationships as a mean to make sense of the spiritual lessons that you are currently working on ; because often, we find ourselves stuck in old, limiting patterns that continue to replay in our subconscious mind. The recognition of these patterns is actually a gift, because once we can acknowledge that we are in a loop we can then work to break down the barriers that are blocking us from aligning with the true will of our soul. 
We are then able to utilize our life experiences as the keys to unlock the lessons that will result in the mastering of our will. Eventually I will help you live a life full of purpose, love, abundance, and joy. 
After all this is our birthright and the divine plan of the Universe !

* 44 € for a 1 hour Session (online) 

* 111 € for a 3 Sessions Pack

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I'm really looking forward to connecting and assisting you in your journey home to you.
These coaching sessions will give you hope for the future, help you choose positivity over negativity and find solutions in everyday life, and they will give you inspiration to live your life happily and rise your vibrations.