My offerings

Yoga of Samara

Samara Yoga is a body-minded method and a traditional art of moving meditation. It is the legacy of the civilization of the Masters of Samara, which dates back to 4000 years before our era and is believed to be the origin of Vedism and of the first dynasties in China, Egypt and ancient Greece. It is a Yoga composed of slow and dynamic movements, and relaxation. It is practiced with respect for the body and its limits, at any age and without special physical conditions. It is also the harmony of sound and gesture and it is practiced on specially designed music, which made this Yoga also a dance and music therapy. Its benefits are numerous on the physical body and the psyche. It helps to reinforce the body, while calming the mind and be more aware of our posture, breathing, emotions and thoughts.
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Lou Yong Tao Tö Qi

Lou Yong Tao Tö Qi is a type of Sino-Tibetan Qi Gong of health and longevity. Through slow movements, the Qi energy present in space is brought back into the body. This practice induces letting go, relaxation, regeneration of body and mind. It brings vitality, strength and harmony.
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Soul Healings

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Light Codes and high vibrational transmissions from my Divine Source that will help you heal from any kind of physical or psychological wounds.
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Outdoor sessions

Depending on the weather I offer outdoor sessions, near the ocean, to discover and practice together different body minded techniques from the Samadeva.
Sama means "to be attentive and to listen" and Deva means "the forces of nature". The philosophy of Samadeva is thus to listen to the forces of nature, those of the physical body and those of consciousness
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